Admin Application

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Admin Application

Post by FumeS on Thu Jan 28, 2016 1:00 pm

1. Steam username(s): FumeS
2. Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:80296339
3. Steam profile:
4. Date of Birth: 21/01/00
5. Previous server kicks/bans/mutes: None
6. What date did you join the server: I'm not sure as I don't show up on the link that was provided

A few questions.

Q: What are your reason for applying for admin?
A: I'm not going to hide it, and one big reason is having power over other people. Although It's mainly because I'd love to help with anything I can, especially to help grow this server into a larger community which is friendly and positive. Also I would love to be a part of this great server from a closer angle, and help who over needs it. Plus I love dank <3

Q: Have you had previous experience being staff on any server of any game?
A: Back in the day, I was a mod/admin on many different large (1000 user+) minecraft servers. But with cs:go, no I haven't

Q: Do you have a microphone?
A: Yes of coarse. A razer kraken 7.1, so I believe that it is of a good quality

Q: Do you understand all the server rules off by heart?
A: I haven't been able to locate any server rules

Q: Any VAC/Game Bans?
A: Nope, clean as.

Q: Do you understand that staff do not have exemptions to these rules and that breach of these rules WILL lead to demotion and further punishment
A: Yes, without a doubt. Although I will never do anything to brake the rules. (that have yet to be stated on this forum?)

Q: Someone has joined the server and begins to spam the John Cena theme as loud as they can through their microphone, what do you do?
A: Mute them immediately, and follow up by telling them if they repeat this annoyance, they will be removed from the server.

Q: Someone has joined the server and is threatening to DDoS the server, what do you do?
A: Straight away ban them, whether or not there threat is real or not, we don't have time to deal with immature people such as DDoSers, and there is certainly no place for    them on this lovely server.

Q: Someone has joined the server and is complaining that an admin has abused their power by banning them for no reason, what do you do?
A: I'd ask them to go into more detail about why or for how long they were banned for, as well as who was the one to ban them. If it were for a legitimate reason, I'd inform them to simply not do it again and to stop whining about it, but if the ban was unreasonable, I would ask them to visit the forum, giving them the link if necessary, to report the staff member in the designated section.

Q: Would you give up your time because Dank is complaining about how broken the server is and how he needs help with some boring shit on the server?
A: Haha of coarse I would, He's a cool guy, and this is another reason for me wanting to become an admin.

Final Comments: I would love to be apart of Radiant gaming AU as an admin, and would love to get along with everyone on it. Please consider me as an admin :3. Thank you.

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Re: Admin Application

Post by MrJohnLemon on Thu Jan 28, 2016 8:04 pm


The best most professional/ detailed application so far.
- John Lemon

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