(re) admin application

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(re) admin application

Post by MrJohnLemon on Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:40 pm

1. Steam username(s): ◥◣"Mr John Lemon"◢◤
2. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:41080771
3. Steam profile: steamcommunity.com/id/MrJohnLEMON/
4. Date of Birth: 18/8/1999
5. Previous server kicks/bans/mutes: None
6. What date did you join the server The day it started (i was partially invloved in setting it up)

Q: What are your reason for applying for admin?
A: I would like to continue helping the server and its members by providing help to new and existing players as well as keep the server free of Cheaters, Extremely toxic players, Greifers, Ddossers and every other negative thing the cs go community has to offer.

Q: Have you had previous experience being staff on any server of any game?
A: Yes, i have been an admin on a fairly successful DarkRP server on Gmod called Morgan freeman gaming as well as being an admin on Radiant gaming (this same server) until the server changed hosts.  

Q: Do you have a microphone?
A: Yes I have a decent quality working microphone/headset.

Q: Do you understand all the server rules off by heart?
A: There are no written rules to read at the moment. (however i will follow by the same basic rules of most community servers as well as some of the relevant rules i remember from my past admin experiences)

Q: Any VAC/Game Bans?
A: None

Q: Do you understand that staff do not have exemptions to these rules and that breach of these rules WILL lead to demotion and further punishment
A: Yes, the staff of the server should follow the rules even more strictly than normal players seeing as how they must set an example of how to properly behave on a community server.

Q: Someone has joined the server and begins to spam the John Cena theme as loud as they can through their microphone, what do you do?
A: 1) ask them to stop.
   2) if they don't stop, mute them.
   3) if they do stop but do it again or keep doing it constantly (after being unmuted) then i will kick them.

Q: Someone has joined the server and is threatening to DDoS the server, what do you do?
A: Ban them on the spot, tell Dank and Myk asap, protect the server and then worry about the other issues after the immediate threat has been dealt with.

Q: Someone has joined the server and is complaining that an admin has abused their power by banning them for no reason, what do you do?
A: 1) ask for the evidence / witnesses
    2) talk to Dank or Myk about it (if none of them is available immediately, ask them to post all the information on the forums)
    3) talk to the admin accused of the actions and let the owners decide the punishment.
Q: Would you give up your time because Dank or Myk is complaining about how broken the server is and how they need help with some boring shit on the server?
A: Yes, I would have no problem helping them, assuming I am online and am not doing school work or other real life priorities/ obligations at the time.

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